Dayitwa NGO and The Vocal News initiative: A powerful message from PM Modi’s ‘Baal Mitron’ on COVID vaccine

Baal Mitron

The deadly second wave of coronavirus has hit India hard and the country is grappling with an explosive outbreak. While many people have lost their lives, several others are still fighting a battle which seems to be never-ending.

Amid the crisis, what all we can do to keep ourselves and our near and dear ones safe is to be disciplined and follow all safety measures. This will not only keep COVID at bay but will also break the chain.

Social distancing, hand hygiene and sanitisation, staying indoors are some of the important measures. Besides this, our prime responsibility is to get ourselves and our family members vaccinated as early as we can.

About the initiative

On 20th April, our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to nation, urged all his ‘Baal Mitron’, the nation’s youngest ones, to encourage their parents and elders of the family to stay home and get vaccinated.

Baal Mitron

To support this cause, Dayitwa NGO and The Vocal News came forward with an initiative to send a powerful message to people. The initiative brought together kids from various parts of the country.

The best part of this initiative is that the kids actively participated in the activities with positivity and enthusiasm.

Baal Mitron

We hope this small message will go far and motivate each individual to make the vaccination drive 100% successful.

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