Dominica court stays Mehul Choksi’s repatriation, Antigua PM says it’s govt’s sovereign decision

Dominica court stays Mehul Choksi's repatriation, Antigua PM says it's govt's sovereign decision
Image credits: ANI

A court in Dominica has put a stay on the repatriation of Mehul Choksi. This comes a day after Choksi’s legal team in Dominica filed a habeas corpus petition.

The petition highlighted that he was denied legal rights and was not allowed to meet his lawyers initially.

Presently, Mehul Choksi is in the custody of Dominica Police. Although, Antigua and Barbuda PM Gaston Browne had earlier said that Antigua will not accept him.

But now that he has already filed a petition. Therefore, under a habeas corpus petition, an arrested person has to be brought before a judge. This will secure the person’s release ‘unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention’.

Soon after Mehul Choksi was apprehended in Dominica, Antiguan PM Browne said he asked Dominica to hand Choksi over to India directly.

Moreover, Dominica is not among those 58 countries with which India has either extradition treaties or arrangements. But it has the same with Antigua and Barbuda.

He is a fugitive, wanted in connection with a Rs 13,500 crore loan fraud in Punjab National Bank. Lately, Choksi went missing from the island.

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