Bodies of suspected COVID-19 victims found floating in Ganga in Bihar

Frightening! The bodies lay on the banks of the Ganges, the officer said - the dead bodies have come from somewhere
Image Credit: Pexels

People living near Ganga ghats at Chausa in Buxar district woke up to “apocalyptic” scenes on Monday, They found at least 30 bloated and decomposed bodies  floating on the banks of the river.

The administration claimed that the bodies are coming from the neighbouring Uttar Pradesh. Whereas, locals claimed that people residing near ganga are disposing the dead bodies in river .

Due to this, the risk of spreading many types of infectious diseases is also increasing.

Within the last 1 week, dozens of dead bodies have been found on the banks of the Ganges at Chausa crematorium in Buxar.

Due to this, the view of the banks of Ganga Ghat has become even more disgusting. No initiative has been taken by the local authorities to clean the dirt for a long time.

In order to save the fallen Ganges, many kinds of rules have been made at the government level.

In the east too, the dirty drains of the city have been going directly to the Ganges.

Due to the wild increase in the price of wood and other funeral materials found at the crematorium ghat in the district, people are not able to bear the cost of cremation of dead bodies.

In such a situation, there has been a tendency for people to flow dead bodies from the past few months.

Anil Kumar Singh Kushwaha, a resident of Pawni village of Chausa block, says that people from dozens of villages including Chausa, Mishravalia, Katgharwa come to the ghat for cremation. But, seeing the situation here, he is now filled with panic.
Not only this, the people of many other villages along the banks of river Ganga who use the water of Ganga have also become very frightened seeing this situation. Certainly after this kind of situation comes, another kind of epidemic will be born.

Such incidents have happened in other places as well. Several videos showed corpses, also believed to be of Covid-19 patients, seen floating in the Yamuna river near Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh. Some locals had claimed that fear of cremation was leading to the bodies being immersed in rivers.

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