Kashmir to Kanyakumari ultra-marathon: Army man Naik Velu P to create Guinness World Record

Naik Velu P

Indian Army soldier Naik Velu P, 30, embarked on a mission on April 1 to register his name in the Guinness Book of World Records by running from Kashmir to Kanyakumari within 50 days. The distance between Kashmir and Kanyakumari is approximately 4,300 km.

In June 2020, Naik Velu P covered 1,600 km in just 17 days to become the first Indian ultra-runner to achieve the feat which will be marked as an Asian record.

4,300 KM run in 50 days

“Naik Velu, serving as a Nursing Assistant in the 60 Para Field Hospital, is an ultra marathoner who is attempting a Guinness world record by running from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for a distance of about 4,300 km under 50 days,” Udhampur-based Army Public Relations Officer (PRO) Lt Col Abhinav Navneet had said in April.

To kick off this epic feat, he said that Naik Velu was flagged off from 92 base hospital at Srinagar on April 1. Also, a heartwarming gathering of enthusiasts carrying the national flag accompanied him in his solo run for the initial 5 km to boost his morale.

“To cover this mammoth distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in 50 days, Velu would be running 70-100 km per day, crossing major towns, cities and states,” Lt Col Navneet had said.

Naik Velu has won numerous ultra-marathons, Tuffman races and stadium runs across the country.

About Naik Velu P

Naik Velu P was born on April 21, 1991 in Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu). He represented his state in athletics at the age of 13. The talented man joined the Indian Army in December 2011. Naik Velu P won a gold medal in a cross-country 12.5 km in 2012 and this was his first achievement in Army.

Naik Velu P

He later shifted his focus to ultra-marathons and brought many laurels to the Indian Army by creating several records.

Since 2016, he represents the Indian team of the Athletic Federation of India. Also, he will represent India in September for the Stadium run at the world championship at Romania. For this, he had won a trial run of 24 hour stadium running held at Bengaluru.

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