Mamata Banerjee: BJP needs political Oxygen now

Mamata Banerjee: BJP needs political Oxygen now

BJP can be defeated, people have shown it, the TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee told NDTV as she described her landslide victory in the recently concluded West Bengal Assembly Elections on May 4, 2021.

She also said that they need political oxygen after their defeat in the elections.

“They need political oxygen now,” she said. told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

“The BJP can be defeated. At the end of the day it is a democracy and it is the people’s choice that matters. People have shown the way. In a democracy you should not show audacity or ego,” she said.

“The BJP is a communal party, they are trouble-mongers, they use fake videos, they misuse their powers, they misuse agencies; they want to demolish federalism, bulldoze the federal character of the country,” she added.

“They are not allowing universal vaccination. They are not giving oxygen. They need political oxygen,” She continued.

“This kind of agency politics (using CBI, Enforcement Directorate) should come to an end and that will be the end of the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah era of politics. Even the old BJP members reject the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah style of politics. The country cannot face this kind of politics anymore. There are many better candidates than Modi and Amit Shah,” she said.

“You cannot decide on these things now. There has to be discussion, there has to be a common minimum programme…,” she said.

“This is BJP’s propaganda. Some sporadic incidents are there, but it happens in every state. I am not justifying violence. BJP is trying to create communal clash, because of their shameful defeat,” she said.

“They have lost their credibility. Till now even law and order was being handled by the Central forces, not by me. So, this is their doing, they are to blame for spoiling the situation if this is true,” she said.

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