Man from Bihar claims he got 11 shots of Covid vaccine, probe ordered

Man from Bihar claims he got 11 shots of Covid vaccine, probe ordered

An Octogenarian from Madhepura district of Bihar claimed that he got 11 shots of the Covid vaccine.

The unusual claim prompted the senior officials to initiate a probe.

84-year-old Mandal who is a resident of Orai village in Madhepura district was caught before he was about to be injected for the 12th time at a local primary health centre.

To get 11 covid vaccine shots, he used different identity cards and mobile phone numbers duping the health workers.

The elderly, Bihar also claims to be a retired employee of the postal department. According to him, he got his first Covid vaccine shot on February 13, 2021.

Afterwards, he took a jab each in March, May, June, July and August.

In September alone, he got three jabs by using his Aadhar card, voter identity card and other IDs.

And by December 30, 2021, he claims to have got 11 jabs.

Omicron vs Delta Variant

A probe is underway into this bizarre incident in Bihar. The truth will only be out after a fair investigation into the man’s claims.

Mandal from Bihar also claims that he submitted his Aadhar card and mobile phone number for Covid vaccines eight times; while he showed his voter I-card and his wife’s mobile number three times to get his vaccine jabs. The 84-year-old Mandal says that he felt better after getting each shot of the vaccine.

There have been reports regarding fudging of Covid vaccines earlier also. But this is a major issue that needs to be addressed as early as possible.

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