No pic of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on J&K police medal for gallantry

No pic of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on J&K police medal for gallantry

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) police medal for gallantry and meritorious services will no longer have the image of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. He was a noted figure in the history of Kashmir. He played a vital role in Kashmir’s accession to India following the partition.

The Jammu and Kashmir government will now do away with his picture replacing it with the national emblem. The medal is named after the Sheikh’s title “Sher-i-Kashmir.” Besides, the medal has also been renamed as the Jammu and Kashmir Police medal.

The recent move has drawn sharp criticism from other regional parties including the National Conference and even PDP.

Sheikh Abdullah was the architect of the Naya Kashmir doctrine. He heralded the transformation of the territory from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional democracy.

“Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah embossed on one side of the medal shall be replaced with the National Emblem of Government of India and other side inscribed with the J&K State Emblem shall be inscribed as Jammu and Kashmir,” read the order.

Moreover, he stood firmly against the Pakistani raiders. It is to be noted here that Maharaja Hari Singh had fled Kashmir following the tribal invasion. It was Sheikh who strongly opposed Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s two-nation theory of dividing India on the basis of religion.

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