Pak comedian’s hilarious video on Shashi Tharoor goes viral

Pak comedian's hilarious video on Shashi Tharoor goes viral
Image: Shashi Tharoor Twitter

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor is popular for his impeccable English. Not only in India but Pakistan also lives under the fascination with his oratory skills.

A Pakistani comedian has made a hilarious video on Tharoorian way. The video shows how to speak English with Tharoorian perfection.

The video, bound to go viral, shows netizens going crazy. Not only this, even Shashi Tharoor himself is all praise for this comic video.

Here’s the video

Moreover, Tharoor also asks the stand-up comedian to make the next video on Pakistan’s Imran Khan.

Shashi Tharoor is famous for his charismatic style and elegant English speaking skills. Furthermore, his knowledge of history is second to none.

People keep sharing memes and his style on social media. Besides, Tharoor is an idol to millions around the globe.

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