PM Modi congratulates Bharat for marking 1 billion vax doses against Covid-19

PM Modi congratulates Bharat for marking 1 billion vax doses against Covid-19
Narendra Modi Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday addressed the nation on completing the milestone of 1 billion vaccine doses.

India, Thursday scripted history by being only the second country after China to reach the 1 billion mark in vaccination against Covid-19.

Mr Modi said that it is not just a number but a symbol of the country’s ability and of ‘new India’.
India, on 21st October, accomplished the target of 1 billion COVID19 doses. This achievement belongs to every individual in the country. “I congratulate every citizen for this feat.”

“There were apprehensions over our vaccination program. We should be proud of the fact that India’s entire vaccination program has been ‘science-driven and science-based. It’s based on scientific methods, entirely.”

“As per the experts in India and abroad, today not only record investment is coming to Indian companies but new employment opportunities are also being created for the youth,” added Mr Modi.

The whole world is also congratulating India for reaching the 100-crore-vaccination milestone.

It is to be noted that about 30 per cent of India’s adult population has been fully vaccinated and 44 per cent of those above 18 years have already got their first dose.

Moreover, Covid-19 infection rates are progressively declining throughout the United States. This comes after the enormous decreases in densely populated states like Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Yet an abrupt increase in the Northern states is generating some panic among the masses there.


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