PM Modi in US pitches for advanced systems of commerce, trade, energy with India

PM Modi in US pitches for advanced systems of commerce, trade, energy with India
Image: Narendra Modi/Twitter

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second day of his visit to the US met the leaders of the country’s industry,

Mr Modi sent out a clear and strong message that India is open for business.

In the past year, the Indian government ushered several reforms in the industry. It began the PLI scheme to incentivise the Made in India programme.

From reducing corporate tax to 25 per cent it has now become easier to do business in India.

It has also become important for India now to get world-class technology home.

For example, the predator drone technology of the US has been extremely effective in the badlands of Afghanistan.

It uses Artificial Intelligence and other tools for remote surveillance. These are the technologies that India needs today.

PM Modi pitches for commerce and innovations with India

When it comes to the defence sector, India has also opened up its markets and liberalised its policies. Former defence minister Manohar Parrikar and Mr Modi opened up the defence industry.

Furthermore, now we all are witnessing the emergence of many Indian industries in this sector as well.

Mr Modi drove the point in the US that the defence industry must be strengthened to make sure that at no point India is subjected to any kind of sanction by any country and has the ability to defend itself.

That can be achieved only by using sophisticated arms that use advanced technology.

Moreover, the import of high-quality arms from the US sends a signal in that direction.

Yet the bigger issue for India remains the need to have a larger industrial base.

India has also opened up and allowed 100 per cent FDI in areas of emerging and sophisticated technology.

Now India needs to foster Research and Development and training in advanced technology.

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