81% new COVID-19 cases found to be UK strain in Punjab, CM writes to PM Modi

Punjab requests center after 81 % fresh COVID-19 cases discovered to be UK strain
Image Credit: @capt_amarinder

As the UK variant of the deadly COVID-19 virus appeared in as many as 81 percent of samples collected from total infected people across the state, Punjab Chief Minister Amrinder Singh sought permission from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the vaccination of younger people

The UK variant called B117 is a highly transmissible version of COVID-19 that is largely affecting the younger people in the state, he said.

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Specifying about the vaccine, he said that the UK has found the Covshield effective against the new variant.

The Genome samples collected by Punjab authorities showed 81 percent B117 virus. Since November, this variant of the virus began spreading in the United Kingdom.

“Expressing concern over the emerging situation, the Chief Minister stressed the need for the central government to urgently open up the vaccination for a bigger section of the populace… It was essential to vaccinate more and more people to break the chain of transmission,” said a statement issued by the Chief Minister’s office.

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