Quad leaders’ meet amidst the pandemic | Here’s the larger picture

Quad leaders' meet amidst the pandemic | Here's the larger picture
Image: PM Modi Twitter Screengrab

As per sources, the unspoken reason behind the Quad leaders’ meeting remains the challenge of balancing China.

The US President Joe Biden would hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These will be on the margins of the Quad meeting in Washington on Friday.

PM Modi will also hold bilateral meetings with all four Quad leaders. Not only this, the US President has plans to meet Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga.

Also, the bilateral talks will likely provide some clarity on the AUKUS alliance involving the UK, US and Australia.

Since they have been trying to tackle China’s broadening influence in the Indo-Pacific area. The Quad which includes India, the US, Japan and Australia will also largely focus on the economy.


The vital areas of concerns identified during the virtual summit of the four in March are ‘Vaccines’, ‘critical technologies’ and ‘climate change.’

Sources also suggest that the Biden administration might attempt to put Afghanistan troops withdrawal behind and focus towards Asia now.

Moreover, the joint statement to be given out at the end of the summit might also emphasize trusted supply chains for semiconductors, as per Nikkei.

As per a statement, ‘resilient’, ‘diverse’ and ‘secure technology supply chains for hardware, software, and services,’ are imperative to the interests of the nations.

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