Rahul Gandhi: I am not like Modi who lies to you (India) 24/7

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi tests positive for COVID-19
Image tweeted by Rahul Gandhi

I am not like Prime Minister Narendra Modi who lies to you (India) always, Congress Rahul Gandhi said as he attacked the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party at an election rally in Assam’s Kamrup district on March 31, 2021.

“I haven’t come here to lie to you. My name is not Narendra Modi. If you wish to hear him lie about Assam, farmers or any other issue, switch on television. He lies to India 24/7. If you want to listen to the truth, hear me out,” he said.

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“People from different languages, ethnicities, and ideologies are peacefully listening to me. But the BJP makes one brother fight with another and spread hatred. They give tea garden contract to outsiders,” he said.

“Assam will elect its own chief minister when Congress comes to power. The state won’t be governed by Nagpur (RSS headquarter) or Delhi,” he said.

“People want that the Citizenship (Amendment) Act shouldm’t be implemented, youth must get job, minimum wage of the tea garden workers must be raised to Rs 365, each house should get 200 unit of free electricity, and housewives should get financial assistance of Rs 2000. We have accepted your demands. Our chief minister will fulfill them,” he said.

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