Russian invasion: Indian flag helped Pakistani, Turkish students flee war-torn Ukraine

Russian invasion: Indian flag helped Pakistani, Turkish students flee war-torn Ukraine
Image credits: @Adam_Burakowski/Twitter

The Indian flag not only helped the Indian students stranded in war-torn Ukraine but also came to the rescue of those from Pakistan and Turkey to flee to the neighbouring countries.

The Indian students who arrived in Romania’s Bucharest from Ukraine told news agency ANI that the tricolour helped them and some Pakistani and Turkish students in safely crossing the checkpoints in the country.

Pakistani, Turkish students use Indian flag to flee

“The Turkish and Pakistani students were also using the Indian flag,” a student told ANI.

Operation Ganga

The Indian students arrived in Bucharest to board the special evacuation flights being operated by Air India, SpiceJet and Indigo under ‘Operation Ganga’.

“We were told in Ukraine that being Indians and carrying Indian flag, we won’t have any problems,” a medical student who arrived from Odesa in Southern Ukraine told ANI.

How Indian students prepared tricolour?

To prepare the national flags, the students said they bought spray paints and curtain from the markets.

“I ran to the market, bought some colour sprays and a curtain. I then cut the curtain and spray-painted it to make the Indian tricolour,” said a student.

Efforts of Indian embassy officials hailed

“We booked the bus from Odesa and came to the Molodova border. The Moldovan citizens were very nice. They provided us with free accommodation and taxis and buses to get to Romania,” a student said.

They Indian students said they did not face much problem in Molodova as arrangements were already made by the Indian embassy.

They also expressed their gratitude towards the Indian embassy officials who arranged food and shelter for them.

“When a student is arriving here, he’s first taken to a proper shelter and provided with food while the registration takes place while dates on which they will be evacuated are finalised,” the student said.

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