Sero Survey: Each one of two Delhi residents has had COVID-19

Delhi High Court: Mask is compulsory even if you are alone in car

Over half of Delhi’s population may have infected with COVID-19, claimed the fifth serological survey, the government said on February 2, 2021.

According to the data around 2 crore inhabitants of the city are approaching herd immunity. It has slowed down the spread of the virus, but people should not become careless, Satyendra Jain, the Health Minister of Delhi, said.

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“In the fifth sero survey done in the national capital of Delhi, antibodies have been detected in 56.13 per cent of the population. This was the largest survey in any state involving around 28,000 samples conducted from January 15 to 23,” Jain said.

“The last survey found 25-26 per cent seroprevalence. This means Delhi is inching towards herd immunity. Cases are also declining at less than 200 per day and low positivity rates. But I would appeal not let your guard down. Keep your masks on,” the minister said.

A total of 8,635 new coronavirus cases were detected in the last 24 hours. It is the lowest single-day rise in the total count over eight months.

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