States can’t try people for using social media to seek help during pandemic: Supreme Court

States can't try people for using social media to seek help during pandemic: Supreme Court
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Taking cognisance of the pandemic and its impact on citizens of India, the Supreme Court made a major announcement.

The apex court Friday said that no state can register an FIR or take any action against people appealing for help.

If people are voicing out their grievances on social media or elsewhere during this pandemic, the state should not curb their rights this way. The supreme court made it clear that people can use platforms to voice their concerns during this pandemic.

“We will treat this as contempt of our court. Let us hear the voices of our citizens and not clampdown,” the top court said.

Considering how people are using social media to help the needy, the top court made this remark.

“It is a grave concern to me as a citizen or judge. If citizens communicate their grievances on social media, we do not want to clamp down on information,” Justice DY Chandrahud said.

This was said during the hearing of coronavirus cases by the apex court. Furthermore, the court states that the healthcare infrastructure has been inherited in the last 70 years. Hence, the proceedings are not to criticise the Centre or states.

Supreme Court over the difference in vaccine prices

Moreover, the court describing the pricing of vaccines as extremely important, asked the government if it is doing something to regulate it?

Why should there be two prices for the Centre and states? Making it amply clear that the judiciary comes into the picture when citizens’ rights are concerned. The court also cleared the air on its aim to intervene here.

“We are concerned only about the health of the people and it is not to pass a value judgment,” the court said.

Solicitor General on the other hand explained that the Centre is assisting all states asking for help.

Though supreme court now asks about a timeline to increase the number of tankers to facilitate transportation.

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