Teenage Trekker rescued by Army from 300 feet dangerous Nandi hills

Teenage Trekker rescued by Army from 300 feet dangerous Nandi hills
Twitter/Ministry of Defence

A teenage trekker fell into a 300 feet rocky ledge at Nandi Hills near Bengaluru. He was soon rescued by the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Chikkaballapur district police Sunday, as per officials.

Trekker Nishank Sharma is a first-year engineering student. He had fallen into the ledge in Brahmagiri Rocks on Nandi Hills early Sunday.

As per the police, he was stopped near the check-post at the hill owing to a restriction on the number of people who can enter the area. After parking his motorcycle at the check-post, he went trekking.

“Since there was a thick cloud of fog he slipped. He managed to hold on. He contacted his family and the local police. Since he switched on his geo-location we reached him faster,” a police officer said. “However, it was difficult to reach out to him and given the injuries he had it was not feasible to lift him through the rocks. We then sought the help of the district administration who then contacted the Indian Air Force (IAF),” the officer said further.

The trekker was rescued using an Mi-17 helicopter. It was promptly launched for an intense search. The ground guidance of local police also helped them to locate the stranded and immobile victim.

The terrain is very tough for a landing but the Flight Gunner of the Mi17 was lowered by a winch to pick the survivor.

The flight gunner helped the survivor to harness and winched up safely,” the defence spokesperson said.

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