Why Coronavirus cases are rising again in India?

Why Coronavirus cases are rising again in India?
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The novel coronavirus cases are on rising again in India and globally. Delhi recorded its highest single-day rise in coronavirus infections in 35 days on Friday. It now adds 256 fresh cases of the infection.

India’s capital is now having daily numbers of ‘new coronavirus disease’ (Covid-19) infections inch up gradually.

This fresh spurt comes as some states of India namely Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Chhattisgarh are seeing what looks like a new wave of coronavirus.

The government has also been reiterating from time to time not to be complacent and continue following Covid-19 appropriate behaviour.

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Moreover, Delhi’s positivity rate on Friday was nearly double the 0.22% recorded two weeks ago.

‘Positivity rate’ is a crucial metric to gauge the spread of infection. Furthermore, the WHO recommends a rate below 5% for two weeks for an infection to be considered under control.

And Delhi has not reached this number in its positivity rate since December 2, 2020.

Why this sudden rise in coronavirus cases in India?

The answer is Random variation. It is a vital component of all living things. The variation results in diversity and this is why there are so many different species.

Viruses too are no exception. Viruses also adapt to their environments, and most viruses are experts at changing genomes.

We now know that the virus that causes Covid, SARS-CoV-2 is prone to changes in ways that are significant.

The increase in coronavirus cases in India could also be due to complacency in following Covid-appropriate behaviour.

Besides, the increase in cases is likely due to the spread of these highly transmissible strains. These are UK B.1.1.7, South African B.1.351, and Brazil P.1 variants.

These variants are fatal and give us ample evidence of an increase in viral load. This in turn is responsible for increased disease severity and mortality.

In Maharashtra, an Indian variant N440K has also been identified. This raises alarm bells.

We all should strictly follow the Coronavirus guidelines. We must not forget that the virus is still around and we need to be aware of it.

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