3 ways to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots

People across all age groups can suffer from pigmentation or dark spots on their skin which may be caused by inflammation, UV rays of the sun, or hormones. It occurs due to an increase in the number of pigment-producing cells in the skin also known as melanin.

Pigmentation can be light, medium or deep rooted. All 3 types have different causes and different remedies. While some can heal with the help of topic agents, others might need laser treatment.

Light pigmentation

Light pigmentation can be healed at home using natural remedies and a regular use of sunscreen. One may mix 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts tomato juice with sandalwood powder and apply on the whole face to treat pigmentation. People with sensitive skin should apply this only on their dark spots or affected areas.

Medium pigmentation

Medium pigmentation can be treated with sunscreen, night cream and minimally invasive treatments like microdermabrasion or chemical peels by dermatologists. De-pigmenting creams like Konica acid (2%), AHAs etc also work wonders for pigmented skin.

Deep pigmentation

Deeper level pigmentation needs laser treatment by a trained professional. Sunscreen has to be constant throughout to avoid pigmentation or to avoid reversing the progress of your treatment.

Consult your dermatologist for a specialized skincare routine and regulate actives in your skincare under expert supervision.

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