5 Breathing exercises to give you plenty of oxygen and mental calm | Read Here

5 Breathing exercises to give you plenty of oxygen and mental calm | Read Here
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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, respiratory health has become immensely important. Breathing exercises have always been there. Doctors have recommended it from time to time.

Though the cases of the virus range from mild to severe. But there are many ways in which we can help ourselves and others just by breathing normally.

Not only the virus but good breathing also keeps stress, anixety and other issues at bay.

Alongwith eating right, regular exercise and deep breathing also ensure our well-being.

In order to keep our bodies and minds fit and healthy, it is very important to strengthen our respiratory system.

Deep breathing exercises help lungs revive. It gets rid of any pollutants, foreign elements that could obstruct our lungs’ normal functioning.

Not only this, breathing exercises also supply adequate amount of oxygen. Here are the five basic breathing exercises for you to do at home:

Anulom Vilom

It is more commonly known as alternate nostril breathing. This is basically one of the breathing exercises which help in clearing our nasal passage. While improving respiratory muscle strength, it keeps the mind fresh and calm.

Sukhaasana breathing exercises

It is a cross-legged sitting pose. It helps stimulating the blood flow to the lungs. Sukhaasana also washes out harmful toxins from the lung muscles. This asana helps in cough and cold symptoms also.


This is called as cobra pose. Bhujangasana helps to improve our mental calmness. It also helps stretch out the chest and lungs. Bhujangasana works for back pain too.

Matsya Asana breathing exercises

Matsya Asana is also known as the destroyer of all diseases. For it promotes deep breathing by stretching and strengthening the lung muscles. This yoga pose helps in better blood circulation and distribution in the body.

Padma Sarvangasana

The inverted Lotus pose helps expanding the chest properly. It allows easier passage of the air to the lungs. Padma Sarvangasana also helps the reproductive and nervous systems of our body.

Initially, you might not see the benefits of these poses. But eventually, as you keep practising these breathing exercises, you begin to feel the difference.

You may try these breathing exercises at home. As a healthy mind can only live inside a healthy body. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT HOW YOU CAN BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY

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