Achieve your fitness goals with these push-up variations

Are you one of those people who do not experience any conspicuous changes in their overall physical fitness even after regularly hitting the gym? Even after giving long hours at physical exercises, are you still not in the confidence zone to whip out your t-shirt and show off those abs? Well, let us break this to you, the key to a physically fit body is not the number of hours you spend at the gym but the total variations you include exercises.

Push ups are one of the most effective calisthenic exercises that work up the chest muscles along with giving you arm strength.

Here are some of the top push up variations that you can try to achieve your physical fitness goals in no time! Read on

1. Strict Push-Up

Also known as military pushup, this type of pushup helps you strengthening your upper body- majorly the chest, shoulders and triceps. These pushups also work your core as well as back muscles. To do this, start with a regular pushup position and as you bend your elbow, breathe in. Now, lower your chest and bring it slightly below the level of your elbow. While you push back up, breathe out and repeat the same process.

2. Wide hand push-up

With more focus on the pectoral muscles, this type of push up helps in strengthening your upper body and core. This type of push up is similar to the one described above but here; the hands are kept roughly 2.5 to 3 feet apart.

3. Triangle push up

This type of push up focuses mainly on the triceps while strengthening the upper body and core. Start off with plank position, keeping your hands inwards. Ensure that your index finger and thumbs from both hands are touching each other to form a triangle. With your elbows kept tight to the body, bring your chest lower towards the triangle. For one repetition, reverse the process and ensure that the triangle remains below your chest.

4. Pike push up

Focusing mainly on the shoulders this type of push up strengthens your upper body and core. With a downward dog yoga position, keep your feet and hands at shoulder width. Now, keep your heels low, hips high and when you are bending your elbows, try to sustain the inverted-V position. While you lower your head towards the floor, try to keep it between your hands.