Adults who skip breakfast may miss out on essential nutrients: Study

Adults who skip breakfast may miss out on essential nutrients: Study
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A study conducted by the Ohio State University concluded that adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on key nutrients that are most abundant in foods that are usually had for breakfast.

An analysis of data on more than 30,000 American adults showed that skipping breakfast could result in missing out calcium from milk, vitamins from fruits and fibre and minerals found in grains and cereal.

“What we’re seeing is that if you don’t eat the foods that are commonly consumed at breakfast, you have a tendency not to eat them the rest of the day. So those common breakfast nutrients become a nutritional gap,” said Christopher Taylor, professor of medical dietetics in the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University and senior author of the study.

On several key recommendations measured, from fibre and magnesium to copper and zinc, breakfast skippers had taken in fewer vitamins and minerals than people who had eaten breakfast. The differences were most pronounced for folate, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D.

This study was published in the online journal – Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. Other studies on similar subjects have shown difficult focussing and behavioural probelms in children who skip the morning meal.

“With adults, it’s more like, ‘You know how important breakfast is.’ But now we see what the implications really are if they miss breakfast,” Taylor said. “The study shows that those who skipped breakfast had one nutrient profile and those who ate breakfast had a different nutrient profile,” he said.

He added, “It helps us identify on any given day that this percentage of people are more likely to be skipping breakfast. And on that day, their dietary intake pattern showed that their consumption didn’t capture those extra nutrients that they have basically missed at breakfast.”

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