Anushka Sharma pregnancy diet revealed, CHECK OUT

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are blessed with a baby girl today on January 11. Indian cricketer and new-father Virat Kohli took to his social media to share the exclusivie news with his fans across the globe.

Ever since Virat and Anushka had announed that they will be welcoming a baby in January 2021, fans and followers had been waiting for this big day. During her pregnancy journey, Anushka Sharma was seen breaking many stereotypes surrounding pregnancy.

From practicing headstand during pregnancy to feasting on spicy Indian foods even in the last week of her pregnancy, the PK actress set massive fitness goals for many mommys-to-be.

Anushka Sharma practiced headstand in pregnancy

Ever since the couple announced the big news on social media, Anushka Sharma could be seen taking regular walks, doing yoga, enjoying every bit of her pregnancy days. Right from eating healthy food to regular exercies and yoga, Anushka Sharma did all that it takes to have a healthy pregnancy.

Anushka Sharma ran on treadmill in 9th month of pregnancy

To maintain a healthy body and mind, Anushka Sharma followed her physical exercise on a daily basis and kept herself glued to it even in the final stage of pregnancy. Just last week, new-mom Anushka Sharma was spotted in a gym as she was sweating it out on a treadmill.

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Anushka Sharma’s diet in the last week of pregnacy

Anushka Sharma, who gave birth to a baby girl on Monday, poured in every effort to have a healthy pregnancy and even healthier postpartum life. Anushka worked out, practicd yoga and didn’t shy away from satiating her cravings during pregnancy.

Anushka Sharma’s panipuri platter

Just a couple of days before becoming mother to a daugher, Anushka Sharma gave mouth watering glimpses of her delicious pregnancy diet. Just like keeping herself physically fit with yoga and workout, Anushka chose to keep satisfy her hunger pangs with all types of food, busting every pregnancy myth.
The 32-year-old Bollywood diva recently decided to binge on popular Indian snack- pani puri. Sharing her thoughts with the world, Anushka took to Instagram handle and posted story of a tableful of papdi (puri), saunth, khatta paani and boondi and wrote alongside, “Go big at home!!”

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Anushka Sharma binged on pizza in last week of pregnancy

That’s correct! This is yet another incident when Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy diet busted every myth concerning pregnancy diets. Recently, the actress went out on lunch with hubby Virat Kohli.

The new parents were snappd by paparazzi as they stepped out to have lunch together. Hours after the pictures of Virushka went viral on Internet, Anushka Sharma dropped a photo on her instagram story where the mommy-to-be was seen surrounded by two boxes of pizzas and some slices on her plate.

“Go big or go home,” Anushka captioned the image.

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Along with the satiating her sinful cravings, Anushka Sharma also kept a balance of heatlhy beverages and her recent glimpse of coconut water is the proof. Just a couple of days ago, Anushka Sharma shared a picture where she was holding a tender coconut with a steel straw in it. “What a creation God,” she captioned the image.

Virat-Anushka entered New Year ‘on a high’ and no it is not the ‘high’ that everyone assumes from Bollywood. nushka Sharma posted a picture on Instagram stories, showing a large spread of sweet desserts and wrote “Starting new year on a high – sugar high”.

On the table, we can see some mouth-watering sweet treats like pancakes topped with chocolates, barfi-like sweet, a fudgy cake splayed with chocolate layer, halwa-like dessert, and chocolate eclairs.

Check out the picture here:

 Anushka Sharma binged on ‘Ultimate Sindhi Brunch’

After feasting on delicacies like panipuri, fries and pizza, Anushka Sharma got herself induldged in a delicious and lavish Sunday brunch.

Recently, Anushka Sharma, posted an Instagram story and thanked her friend Jayesh Kishanchandani for the ‘ultimate Sindhi brunch’.

On the table, we could see dal pakwan, and some koki, a crispy flatbread that is often stuffed with onions and spices, some papad, chutney, pickles. We could also see a plate of dahi bhalle and chola dhabal, a Sindhi version of chole-puri. This chickpea curry has a slightly thicker consistency, and is replete with hot spices.

Anushka Sharma, who became first-time mommy on Monday, did everything to keep herself fit and healthy. Instead of following a fad-pregnancy diet, the diva kept herself induldged in well-balanced and nutritious food.

With this pregnancy diet, Anushka Sharma has proved that celebs follow as simple diet as their fans.