Black Fungus: How to protect yourself from mucormycosis. All FAQs answered

Black Fungus
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As black fungus or mucormycosis has been reported in some COVID-19 patients during or even after recovery, Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan shared useful tips. He answered all FAQs including how to detect and prevent the spread of fungal infection.

What is Black Fungus?

Dr Harsh Vardhan shared a post on Twitter, saying mucormycosis is “a fungal infection mainly affecting people with medical health problems that reduces their ability to fight environmental pathogens.”

Black Fungus
Image credits: @drharshvardhan/Twitter

“#Mucormycosis, commonly known as ‘#BlackFungus’ has been observed in a number of #COVID19 patients recently. Awareness & early diagnosis can help curb the spread of the fungal infection. Here’s how to detect & manage it #IndiaFightsCorona @MoHFW_INDIA,” he tweeted as he shared his advice.

How does a patient get predisposed to mucormycosis?

-Co-morbidities – post transplant/malignancy

-Voriconazole therapy

-Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus

Black Fungus
Image credits: @drharshvardhan/Twitter

-Immunosupression by steroids

-Prolonged ICU stay



-Pain/redness around the eyes/nose


Black Fungus
Image credits: @drharshvardhan/Twitter


-Shortness of breath

-Bloody vomits

-Altered mental state


-Control hyperglycaemia

-Monitor blood glucose level post Covid-19 discharge and in diabetics

-Use steroid judiciously

-Use clean, sterile water for humidifiers during oxygen therapy

-Use antibiotics/anti-fungal judiciously

Black Fungus
Image credits: @drharshvardhan/Twitter


-Do not miss warning signs and symptoms

-Don’t consider all cases of blocked nose and as cases of bacterial sinusitis, especially in the cases of immunosuppression and/or Covid-19 patients on immunomodulators

-Don’t hesitate in seeking aggressive investigations as appropriate for detecting fungal etiology

-Don’t lose crucial time to initiate treatment for mucormycosis

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