Blue Rice is the new food buzz on social media: Recipe and Health benefits

Blue Rice is the new cuisine buzz on social media: Recipe and Health benefits
Image: Instagram/Veggybanana

It is widely believed that everything tastes good when one is hungry. It is so rightly said! But do you know how this food recipe of blue rice tastes? When it comes to good food you don’t need to count morsels.

Many of you might be proud rice eaters. For all those Instagram has a new recipe called blue rice. Let us spill the beans on this new blue rice food recipe.

This food recipe deep blue-colour rice is trending on Instagram lately.

While your regular rice has hardly any aesthetic beauty to it. But this attractive blue colour rice does!

Blue rice is not a new food to eat but it has been a part of Asian cuisine for ages. This unique blue colour rice may look like an artificial dye colour, but we must tell you that it is natural.

Health benefits of this blue rice as food recipe

Blue rice is commonly eaten in South Asian nations, especially in Thailand.

It is known by the name of Nasi Kerabu. So the blue hue of it is a particular kind of edible flower called butterfly pea flower.

In Asian food, it is used here in rice too. This flower brings a fresh aroma to the rice.

Moreover, the butterfly pea flower is used for its antioxidant properties. It helps protect us from common illnesses and boost our immunity.

The Recipe

You can use jasmine rice to make this recipe. These are made following the usual way of making regular rice.

Boil jasmine rice along with butterfly pea flower in water.

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