Bollywood movies based on Mahatma Gandhi you must definitely watch

Mahatama Gandhi

New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi is the big name for the country when it comes to Indian history. His powerful thoughts have inspired and still inspiring many people not only in India but across the globe. After getting inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, many filmmakers have tried to portray his life on screen. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary is just around the corner, and you should definitely watch these movies on him which shows how he became a legend and helped the country in Independence.

1. Gandhi

The film covers all his life from how he was thrown from the train of South Africa for not being white and how his assassination went. The film is produced by Richard Attenborough. Gandhi went very well and won eight Oscars, that includes: Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor.

2. Gandhi my Father

The film portrays the relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and his son Harilal Gandhi. How Harilal adopted his father’s direction. The film was loved by Mahatma Gandhi fans and won three National Film Awards.


3. Hey Ram

This is a story of two friends who are from different religious backgrounds who are affected during the time of partition. The title of the film is based on the last spoken words of Mahatma Gandhi. This film portrays how the political and religious divisions during the time of Partition. Naseeruddin Shah tried to play the role of Mahatma Gandhi.

4. Lage Raho Munna Bhai

This film stars Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, and Vidya Balan. Where Sanjay Dutt uses Gandhi’s spirit and thoughts to help common people to solve their problems. The film focuses on transforming the criminals in a tapori form which they referred to as Gandhigiri.

5. The Making of the Mahatma

This movie is shot in English and is inspiring for young Indians as the movie is made on Gandhi’s thoughts and ideas. The film is directed by Shyam Benegal, who tried to portray Mahatma Gandhi’s time in South Africa. The film shows the time before he entered India and joined the Independence movement. The film has won the National Award for Best Feature Film.

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