Bosses can’t call or text employees after office hours, this country just made a historic law

Bosses can't call or text employees after office hours, Portugal passes this historic law
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Portugal is famous for several discoveries, specially their navigation skills. The Iberian peninsula country Portugal has now banned bosses from texting and emailing staff out of office hours. The move comes as a part of its new laws termed as right to rest.

As the country sees the expansion of work from home culture, these measures aim to improve work-life balance.

Henceforth, the companies in Portugal with more than 10 staff could face penalty lest they contact employees outside their working hours.

The new rules also allow the staff with children to work remotely.

Parents of children under 8 years will be able to work at home indefinitely without seeking prior approval from their employers.

And companies may also have to contribute to higher household bills such as energy and internet costs.

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Not only this, the companies may also have to bear or say contribute to higher household bills like electricity and internet costs.

In order to tackle the isolation of remote employees, companies will have to organise regular face-to-face meetings.

It is worth mentioning here that some rules were not approved by Portugal’s parliament such as right to disconnect that would have allowed the staff to turn off all work devices out of office hours.

Portugal eyes to enhance labour protections that would in turn attract more foreigners to the country.

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