China’s fresh Covid surge forces a city of 9 million to go for lockdown

China's fresh Covid surge forces a city of 9 million to go for lockdown
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Covid surge in China: One of China’s most populated cities of 9 million, Changchun, has been ordered to lock down as the country batters fresh surge of coronavirus cases.

It reported highest Covid-19 tally in two years on Friday. Changchun in northeaster China now has its 9 million residents working from home; soon it would also start mass testing.

Changchun remains an important industrial base and it is also the capital of the Jilin province. Here, only on person will be allowed to go out every two days to buy “daily necessities”.

Covid cases in China
Covid cases in China

Covid-19 cases in China have have already crossed the 1,000 mark this week. And this is for the first time since the early days of 2020 pandemic start.

There were 1,369 new Covid cases on Friday. The authorities in Shanghai and other major cities have also stepped up targeted lockdowns and testing to halt the Omicron variant.

Meanwhile, Shanghai has also ordered to shut its schools and shift to online instruction.

Extreme Covid wave in Hong Kong

In December last year, the city of Xi’an has locked down its 13 million people in an unprecedented measure to control a deadly Covid outbreak.

Covid-19 was first detected in China in late 2019.

Covid-induced Depression

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by a massive 25% in the first year of pandemic.

One of the biggest reasons behind this sudden increase is the unprecedented stress caused by social isolation.

The experience of social isolation is not natural to humans. But due to pandemic-related constraints, people were left with no option but to avoid socializing to in order to save lives.

A lot of factors ranging from Loneliness, fear of infection to suffering and death for oneself and their loved ones are responsible for heightened anxiety and depression among masses.


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