COVID-19: 5 healthy foods to eat before and after vaccine dose

COVID 19 5 healthy foods to eat before and after vaccine dose
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COVID-19 outbreak has wreaked havoc across the globe while claiming millions of lives. However, it’s a good news that the vaccination drive in India as well as other countries has started. In India, from celebrities, politicians to commoners, many have received the vaccine against coronavirus.

But there are many questions surrouding the vaccination. People are wondering how effective is the vaccine, what are the side effects of taking a jab, and what one should eat before and after vaccine dose.

In order to answer these questions about preferred diet after vaccination jab we have tried to take cues from experts. In this article, you will read what to eat before and after receiving vaccine shot. Let’s go!

Pre and Post COVID-19 vaccine diet

Dr Uma Naidoo, Harvard Nutritional Psychiatrist, recently took to Instagram to share what should be your diet before and after the COVID-19 vaccine. The top-health expert said, “It is so important to take into account your diet around when you get the vaccine to reduce any side effects you may get.”

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In her post, she also suggested the type of food one can include to their diet before and after getting the vaccine. Check them out below.

Green Vegetables

A diet rich in green leafy vegetables will definitely have a lasting imoact on your overall health. Green veggies not only give you instant energy but they also ensure long-term immunity. According to Dr. Uma, vegetables like spinach, kale, and broccoli are super high in antioxidants, “which fight inflammation that would otherwise cause negative side effects.”

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We are well-aware with the anti-oxidant properties of blueberries. Dr. Uma has also mentioned that blueberries will give you the required energy strength before and after the vaccination shot. Not only this, blueberries also help in increasing saratonin levels. Saratonin is known as feel good chemical- the one that makes you happy. Dr. Uma Naidoo suggested that you can consume these blueberries with unsweetened, probiotic-filled yoghurt.

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Onions and Garlic

Yet another rich sources of anti-oxidants are onions and garlic. These food items are also known for boosting immunity in the longer run.

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“These are rich in probiotics which feed the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut. Another way stews and soups can come in handy,” said Dr Naidoo.

Stew and Soup

“To boost your immunity, it’s important to feed your gut. You can pack these full of colourful veggies, anti-inflammatory spices, and fibre,” suggests Dr. Uma. If you want to get the maximum benefits of each and every food item, you need to keep your gut healthy. Food items like soup and stew are one of the best options to ensure good gut health.

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“My go-to anti-stress food, turmeric is a powerful combatant of inflammation as well as shields your brain from stress,” she wrote.

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These are some of the food items that you can include in your diet before and after receiving COVID-19 vaccine shot.

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