Eid 2021: 5 ways to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr at home

Eid in corona: 5 ways to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr at home
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Eid is here as Ramadan come to an end. This year in 2021 it will be a very restricted celebration, once again, for all of us. For corona has changed the life patterns throughout. Globally governments have issued guidelines for celebrating Eid in 2021.

There have been deaths, decay, morbidity and some sort of gloominess that has surrounded us all. None of us had expected this to be so bad. Many lives lost to a virus. But again there is a message in all of this frenzy that is going on— Evolution.

Evolving with changing times and weather is what the human race has been doing for thousands of years. Moreover, science also supports this notion of a ‘smooth transition’ from one era to another.

Since this era is way too new, way too creepy for bringing so many deaths, it is indeed harder to accept this to be a part of evolution. Yet, we cannot deny the importance of decoding what nature is trying to tell us all. Furthermore, it is our duty to foresee any damages, any mishaps that arise as a result of anthropogenic activities.

This year also, there is very little joy among the people. For the simple reason that the world is on the threshold of a crisis. Not only Eid 2021 but any festivity for that matter seems to have lost the sheen. Meanwhile, there are attempts going on to bring life back on track. But these attempts will only be successful when all of us will stand together.

Eid 2021 is here

Eid is indeed a day of feast for all Muslims around the world. The successful conclusion of Ramadan brings Eid as a token of joy. But owing to pandemic and restrictions, this Eid too we will have to follow guidelines. There are ways to celebrate Eid 2021 in times of corona with full safety.

5 ways to celebrate Eid 2021 with your loved ones at home

Online group celebrations

They are the new way to stay in touch. Specially when during the pandemic socialising is a big No-No. But then, we have smart apps to keep our loved ones closer to us than ever beefore.

Cooking Together at home

Since Eid is known for Meethi Siwayee and sheer, you can try and enjoy your sweet tooth.

Home Decor Ideas

Home is where the heart is. Eid is the best occasion to come up with some beautiful homme decor ideas. You can take online help, if need be.

Sending Virtual hugs to your loved ones

What if you cant literally hug one another. Pandemic can’t put a full stop on our feelings certainly. Keep sending virtual hugs on Eid 2021 and enjoy this with full vigour and hope.

Online Gifts

Undoubtedly, gifts are the best way to cheer someone up. Gifts are the best way to shower love and blessings. Send one online and celebrate Eid 2021.

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