Facial yoga: best way to lose face fat

If you have always had a chubby, rounded and googly-woogly-woosh face, there are high chances you are still considered a kid in your group of pals. You must have heard about thousands of physical exercises that shoe your body but what about that facial fat and double chin? Well, here are a number of yoga exercises that will allow you to burn facial fat and attain slim and sultry face structure.

1. Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)

For this effective yoga exercise, just kneel down comfortably while keeping your palms on your knees. Now, drop your jaw while opening your mouth wide. Now, forcefully stick your tongue downwards., right towards the chin. Now make a roar sound like a lion and repeat this process a couple of times. This facial exercise is one of the most effective exercises for thyroid and neck area.

2. Fish face

Do you love taking pout faced selfies? Well, you will love this facial yoga pose as well. To this exercise, you will just need to suck in your cheeks while you do for a fish face selfie. Once you take this selfie pose, try to attain the widest possible smile along with the pout. This yoga exercise is good for giving you high cheek bones, sharp structures and lively facial expressions.

3. Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock)

Sit comfortably in lotus position and take deep breaths. With your hands placed on your knees, try to bring your sternum towards your chin. As the sternum locks into the chin, try to bend your downwards and hold this position for a while. This facial yoga position will shape your jawline and cheek bones. This exercise is super effective for people with double chin.

4. Mouthwash Technique

By practicing this super effective and easy yoga technique, you can keep you face young, healthy and sharp. Going by the name, this facial yoga will just require you to fill your mouth with air and transfer the same from one side to another. This technique is same as you do while rinsing your mouth in the morning. You can continue doing this exercise for 25-30 seconds. Take rest and repeat.

5. Jaw Release

Known as an effective exercise for face tightening, jaw release is an easy stretch exercise. Sit in a comfortable position and try to tighten your chin against gravitational force. Unless you feel the stretch in your neck, try to behold this position. Along with getting rid of double chin, this exercise will also help you in keeping fine lines, wrinkles and aging signs at bay.