Faisal Mohammad, Garbage Bin co-founder, back home after battling COVID-19

Faisal Mohammad
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Faisal Mohammad, who calls himself ‘bekaar banda’ but still has a huge fan following, is finally back home after battling COVID-19. He was recently admitted to a hospital after contracting coronavirus infection.

The co-founder of Garbage Bin Studios is an artist and calls his work trash and still enjoys a fan following of 995K on Facebook.

Faisal Mohammad was also the co-owner of Geek Mentors Studios, worked as a creative head at global school of animation and gaming and creative head at global school of animation and gaming.

Here’s a look at his inspirational journey from a small town boy to an exceptional artist:

Early life

Faisal was born and raised in Saharanpur. He was not allowed to draw pictures because it was forbidden in his religion. But he still started drawing cartoons instead of being a part of his family business.

At the age of 14, he worked at a phone booth, which earned him Rs 250. After some savings, he bought a ticket to Delhi to contact people working on comic books and allied media.


He was rejected by people, who suggested him to work on his skills. He returned home, earned money for a year and went back to Delhi again. Unfortunately, he was rejected this time too. But he didn’t lose hope and went back to Delhi again after a year when he was only 16. However, this time luck smiled on him.

Eventually, he turned to animation and joined Arena Animation Studios. His teachers appreciated his work, but since he did not have enough money to pay for some courses, they offered him additional classes from their home. Over time, he began to learn web designing. During this time, he stayed with his friend Shah Nawaz, who is also a co-founder of Garbage Bin, in Delhi.

Raj Comics founded their studio in 2002 and invited Faizal to join. At the same time, Mirage Studios got a Warner Brothers project for Da Jammies and Faisal joined them at a package of Rs 14,000 per month. But soon, the project was over and he was back to square one.

Angry anna

In 2011, they developed the game Angry Anna when Anna Hazare was on fast. Over a million people played the game around the world, following which they received media attention and funding offers.

Faisal Mohammad

Faisal created two cartoon characters and started making comics based on them. He received a positive feedback and this is how the Garbage Bin was officially started. The name Garbage Bin is inspired by Mad Magazine, as the team calls itself the “Usual Gang of Idiots” and their work as “garbage.”

Currently, Garbage Bin is one of the most popular comics strip in the country. They even sell products based on the characters.


“Once I was eating at a restaurant in Delhi when an NRI from Austria recognized me and gave me a hug congratulating me for my work,” Guddu was quoted as saying by yourstory.

The lessons of Faisal Mohammad’s journey

1. Stay away from religion and politics.

2. Just because people like your job doesn’t mean they like you. Don’t try to be the center of attention.

3. Do not depend on others, try to learn all aspects of your job.

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