Follow these tips to grow nails faster

Many women dream of having long, strong, healthy and good-looking nails that they can flaunt it around. The joy of having exciting nail paints, vibrant nail art and glittery things on neatly-manicured nails is just way too hard to put in words. While there are no scientifically proven methods to grow nails faster but good health and good nutrition can make your nails healthy and enhance their growth over time.

Here are some of the easiest and effective tips that will help you in growing your nails faster. Check out!

#1 Use lemon juice

When life gives you lemons, you can do a lot more than just grabbing tequila and salt. Lemons are rich source of vitamin C; a special nutrient that supports the healthy growth of nails as well as hair. Rubbing a slice of lemon on your finger and toenails and rinse it off with warm water after five minutes. You can do this every day. Lemon juice will also make your nails shinier.

#2 Increase your protein intake

For your overall health and nutrition, it is important that you eat right amounts of protein. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps in faster growth of nails as well as hair. Whole grains, pulses, nuts, eggs, sardines, soy and other beans are some of the rich sources of protein.

#3 Stay hydrated 

The importance of water for the overall health of our body can never be emphasized enough. Drinking enough water is essential to for your overall health including your nails. Drinking up good amount of water is important for your health, hair, nails, and skin. So, drink up, ladies!

#4 practice good and regular grooming 

While good nutrition and proper hydration will ensure good health from within, regularly grooming your nails won’t hurt either. Regular cleaning, manicure and pedicure will help boost the strength of your nails, encouraging growth and reducing breakage. Keep your nails dry and clean, moisturize your hands and nails, avoid nail biting.

#5 Eat a well-balanced diet

A diet rich in essential macro as well as micro nutrients will help you in overall health of your body, nails and hair. Whatever goes inside your body, will have a direct impact on how your body functions and grows. In order to ensure proper and faster growth of nails, make sure that you are consuming growth-inducing nutrients. Eggs, beans, oats, whole grains, sunflower seeds, blueberries and protein food items will ensure healthy growth of your nails and hair.