Four types of exercise crucial for overall fitness

Exercises are key to good health but still people often tend to limit their workout sessions to just a single style of exercise. Many times, people just stick to the exercises that they like or feel comfortable with. In such cases, various effective and useful aspects of exercises are ignored and variety is not attained.

Researches have supported that one should perform all four types of exercise to attain the body that they desire. These types of exercises include: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

Mixing up new exercises in your daily routine will help you get rid of boredom while giving you an all-round fitness.

Let us learn about all four types of exercise and how are they beneficial for everybody.

1. Endurance: These are basically aerobic exercises that increase your heart and breath rate altogether. These exercises help in improving your cardiovascular and overall body fitness. Aerobic exercises are known for lowering your blood pressure, improving overall mental health and regulating blood cholesterol levels. Some of the most effective aerobic exercises are jogging, walking, swimming, and cycling. Experts suggest that minimum 150 minutes of aerobic exercises in a week will promote overall health and physical fitness.

2. Strength Training: Exercises such as weight lifting, push-ups, bench-press and crunches are used to work your upper body muscles by resistance. Strength training is also called as resistance training and it is highly important as well as effective physical exercise for older adults because their muscles weaken with age. Pregnant women, new moms or people who have lost or gained a lot of weight, can benefit from these exercises.

3. Stretching exercise: With the increasing age, our muscles become less flexible than they are in young age. In order to prevent sprain, pain and cramps and support flexibility of muscles, it is important to practice regular stretching. Performing stretching exercises at least four times a week will increase the range of your muscles and enhance your freedom to move. Including starching in your workout routine is crucial.

4. Balance: This is yet another important exercise that should be a part of your daily exercise. Lack of proper body balance often leads to fall-related injuries and serious accidents as well. To ensure proper body balance, it is important to perform balance exercise. These can be done anytime anywhere. However, ensure that you are in correct posture while performing balance exercise to avoid injuries.