Google AI tool makes two bakery recipes – Cakie and Brekkie

This century saw many advancements in terms of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are one of them. But these are usually used for technical purposes. In the year 2021, Google, breaking all barriers has attempted something unique.

In what could be seen as a rare combination Google has made the best possible use of Artificial Intelligence and food ingredients.  Google recently used some of its AI (AI) tools and created two hybrid bakery recipes.

Cakie- a mix or fusion of cake and cookie and the other one is named as brekkie- combining bread and cookie together. Both cakie and brekkie became a reality with Google’s tool named AutoML Tables- a codeless model generation system.

It uses a table of spreadsheet data and processes the information into machine learning algorithms. This whole thing is the brainchild of Google researcher, Sara Robinson, who wanted to design a system that will, just by looking at the recipe, will tell what food it can make.