Govt shares list of foods to boost immunity against COVID-19

list of foods to boost immunity against COVID-19
Image credits: Pexels

As India continues its fight against the deadly second wave of COVID-19, the government has shared a list of some foods on its mygovindia Twitter handle. The government recommends consuming these foods to organically boost immunity against coronavirus.

“The main focus for COVID patients is to consume foods that would help rebuild muscle, immunity and energy levels,” it said.

-Whole grains like ragi, oats and amaranth

-Good sources of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, soy, nuts and seeds

-Healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, olive oil, mustard oil

-5 servings of coloured fruits and vegetables to get adequate vitamins and minerals

Govt shares list of foods to boost immunity
Image credits: Pexels

-Small amounts of dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa to get rid of anxiety

-Take turmeric milk once a day to boost immunity

Meanwhile, the government also advised regular physical activity (yoga) and breathing exercises (pranayam), as per tolerance.

It said that most COVID patients experience loss of smell and taste or difficulty in swallowing. Hence, it is important to eat soft foods at small intervals and to add amchoor in the food, it said.

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