Hari Maa Priyanka to visit Mahavatar Babaji cave and Karoli Baba Ashram

Hari Priyanka Roy
Image Credit: Hari Priyanka Roy/ Instagram

New Delhi: In a world where people run for money, fame, and other physical pleasures, only a few become enlightened and Hari Maa Priyanka is one such silent divine being who is walking her path towards liberation. Hari Maa Priyanka has now reached Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand and will be visiting Mahavatar Babaji’s cave in Ranikhet, and Karoli Baba’s ashram in the coming days.

It should be noted that Hari Maa Priyanka had visited Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand at the age of 12. However, after enlightenment, she is visiting Uttarakhand for the first time. I have now reached my real home. I would be visiting Ranikhet to visit Mahavatar Babaji cave. Babaji is my Param Pita. I want to visit Karoli Baba ashram in the coming days,” said Hari Maa Priyanka after reaching Uttarakhand.

Hari Priyanka Roy says life's real purpose is liberation
Image Credit: Instagram

Before walking in the path of spirituality, Hari Maa Priyanka was a model, actor, athlete, trained jazz and ballet dancer, winner of many medals in Martial Arts, and had also run one of the biggest creative production agencies in India. After understanding the necessity to sync with the real nature of his own existence, Hari Maa Priyanka surrendered everything to zero, and started walking towards liberation.

“I am becoming Ishwara’s vehicle which I was earlier and which I will be. I have no separate identity than him. Her real self is her Devatma,” added Hari Maa Priyanka. Even though Hari Maa Priyanka has a huge number of followers, she does not charge anything from, not even in gifts.

Image Credit: Hari Priyanka Roy/Instagram

Hari Maa’s followers have several stories to tell about the way in which they used to get energized when they see and hear. Some of the followers have claimed that they have time traveled, while others have got Goosebumps. For some, it was tears that flowed in happiness after listening and seeing Hari Maa Priyanka. However, Maa says that she has not done anything, and made it clear that grace is always present in everyone but they were busy finding something else.

Hari Priyanka Roy
Image Credit: Hari Priyanka Roy/ Instagram

“I haven’t done anything, I don’t need to do anything. I am just present here being me, I’m just here, I was always here. Grace is always present, you all are busy in finding something else my children,” asserts Hari Maa Priyanka.

Hari Maa does not entertain people with business and material goals. Souls who are riped and already on the liberation path can come for Maa’s blessings at World Peace Gagar Hotel, Gagar, Uttarakhand or can even contact via the links given below.

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