Hug Day 2021: Reasons why hugs are the best!

Hug Day 2021: Reasons why hugs are the best!
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You can never say ‘No’ to a ‘hug.’ It is the warmest of ways to shower love, care and affection on earth. A hug a day, even from a stranger can sometimes cheer you up, stabilise your confidence and do much more! For Valentine’s week 2021, we have ‘hug day’ tomorrow as on February 12, 2021.

Hugs are not movie things but real value! They reflect the tender side of your personality. Be it in diplomacy, politics, legislatures, varsities or other institutions, hugs are exchanged almost on all occasions. Hugs are the very essence of touch and concern for the one.

Although every day can be a hug day if you have your loved one around. Yet we cannot underestimate the importance of days- to specially appreciate or show your love. Valentine’s week has already begun. Here we have a few reasons among many for you on how hugs are the best:

-Hugs indicate care, concern and most importantly love.

-Hugging helps lower stress.

-They reduce blood pressure and are known to have overall positive impact.

-They help combat depression and anxiety.

-Hugs can be long and short ones, depending upon your relationships. Therefore, the longer you hug, the better it is.

-Hugs break language barriers. They are the best ice breakers.

-Hugs help keep the children confident and happier throughout the day.

In short, hugs keep you happy and cheerful! Keep hugging and loving as this world needs more love and care, more than ever before!

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