Impress your bae with these cozy winter date ideas in Delhi

When Khalid said “we’re just young, dumb and broke… But we still got love to give” well, many of us rich-at-hearts and hopelessly romantics must have related to every bit of it. With the onset of winter season, you must have already started shortlisting some of your favourite spots for cozy dates with your partner, that too in your budget.

Whether you are a nerdy, history lover or a movie-buff, dilwaalo ki dilli has a lot of places for love birds where you can plan out a romantic date. In this edition, we have come up with some of the most beautiful places in Delhi where you can have your next date planned and earn some brownie points from bae. Thank us later!

#1 Romantic walk at Lodhi Garden 

Famous for its lush green parks and beauty, Lodhi Garden needs no introduction as it has been one of the most popular visiting spots in Delhi. From photographers to models, couples to fitness freaks, Lodhi Garden sees people coming from every walk of life. You can take your bae to this serene place as this huge place has big trees, fountains, flowers, ducks, and the famous eight piers bridge. Just slide into your winter clothes and enjoy a perfect day out with your SO and spam your Insta with envy-inducing pictures!

#2 Shopping & Chai/Coffee date at Champa Gali 

If you and your bae are seeking a quiet and easy gateway from your mundane hustle-bustle of daily life, you can go to this peaceful and earthy place called Champa Gali. Trees, lights, plants, wooden furniture, gravel roads and a small library are the major highlights of this spot. With a few bucks in your wallet and whole lotta love in your heart, you can have a memorable date with your bae.

#3 Delve into the world of fiction while sipping on your hot coffee at Oxford Bookstore 

Is your partner crazy for books? Do you always talk in literature? Are you a nerdy couple who breathe books? Well, what else can be better than a place surrounded with books, while the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the room? Dreamy, right? That’s what we have for you, a dreamy date at the Oxford Bookstore where you can sip onto your coffee while discussing the plot twists of a book that you both have finished recently. Have a nerdy date time, you geeks.

#4 A date before sunset at Sundar Nursery 

If you are looking for a serene and calm place where you have some of the most romantic conversations of your life (or any random talkon Earth), you should definitely go to Sundar Nursery. Set amidst the bountiful and lush green romantic garden, Sundar Nursery will give you a memorable glimpse into the natural greens. From strolling hand-in-hand through the gardens to sitting relaxed as the sun sets, there is a lot you can do at a dreamy date at Sundar Nursery.

Disclaimer: Given the current coronavirus outbreak befalling the city and the world at large, check the official websites of every place before visting.