Indian vegetarian diets 84 percent deficient in proteins, says Indian Dietetic Association

Protein is also known as the building block of human body and it’s basically an inevitable part of growth and development. Often considered to be a rich source of dietary protein, vegetarian food had been questioned by Indian Dietetic Association. Although there are many advantages attached to vegetarian diets, yet it lacks in one major area, that is, protein.

It is possible to get the requisite amount of protein through a vegetarian diet but we hardly tend to get what’s needed to build strong muscles. While being proud of the fact that you love vegetarian diet can be good in many aspects but relying on vegetarian diet for your protein requirements might not be sufficient.

Indian Dietetic Association has earlier claimed that Indian vegetarian diets lack 84 per cent of protein and major reason is lack of awareness among the public.
Citing a study by market research firm IMRB, IDA said, “93 per cent of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and Indian vegetarian diets are worst affected with 84 per cent being deficient in protein, while 65 per cent of Indian non-vegetarian diets too deficient in protein.

“On the backdrop of such alarming data, IDA has decided to run a campaign to educate consumers about the importance of protein, a nutrient which is integral to our general health and well-being that impact every life stage,” the IDA said in a statement.

Many studies have found that over 70 per cent of Indian adults have poor muscle health which is often categorized by lower muscle mass and protein content. Many experts believe that this situation is highly alarming and should be taken into account.

The lack of protein in one’s body can result in poor growth and development that can further lead to impaired muscle function, poor metabolic health and fatigue. It is also to be noted that lack of required dietary amount might lead to unexpected weight gain as well.

The solution to this situation lies in the problem itself. The need of the hour is to recognize the food items that are rich sources of protein. Try to increase their amount in your diet. In order to enhance your muscle health, it is also recommended to perform regular fitness activities.

Pistachios, paneer, peas, milk and gram flour are some of the easily available food items rich in protein, that can be a part of your daily diet.