Jakarta man books entire flight to avoid getting COVID-19

It’s been a year since the fear of coronavirus entered our lives and people are doing everything in their ability to prevent themselves from the infection. How far would you go to safeguard youself from the rapidly spreading coronavirus? You will probably wear masks, gloves, face shied or even wear a PPE kit, right?

Well, an Inodonesian couple apparently took safety precautions to a whole new level by reportedly booking an entire flight to Bali just to protect him and his partner from the virus. Yes, you read that right.

Richard Muljadi, a Jakarta-based socialist, shared photos of a plane where he and his wife were the sole passengers.

Richard has given a whole new definition to social distancing.

What happened?

According to Mashable SE Asia, famous Jakarta socialite, Richard Muljadi booked an entire flight because he was paranoid about the virus and wanted to ensure there is nobody else in the flight.

Muljadi took to Instagram stories on January 4 to tell his followers that he booked the whole flight because he and his wife, Shalvynne Chang, were paranoid of getting the virus. The picture he shared showed him sitting in an empty flight.

Muljadi and his wife Shalvynne Chang are reportedly “super paranoid” about getting infected by the coronavirus. They booked the entire flight in order to minimize risks for themselves.

On another Instagram story, Muljadi wrote, “Had to make sure no one else (was on) this flight. We ain’t flying unless it’s just us.”

Before getting off the flight, he wrote: “Bye, ghost ship”

However, there is a twist to Muljadi’s story. A local publication, Detik Travel, reported that Lion Air Group, the owners of Batik Air, confirmed that the couple were on board the flight ID-6502 from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali on Tuesday (January 5). However, the airline added that the socialite booked tickets for only two passengers, contradicting his claims.

But since, Muljadi is reportedly known for his extravagant spending, many promptly believed his claims.