Kashmir creates record of selling watermelon worth Rs 5 crore every day during Ramadan

Kashmir creates record of selling this fruit worth Rs 5 crore every day during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, fruits rich in water content are consumed the most.

Mostly watermelon and muskmelon are bought and sold commonly during Ramadan.

This year the Kashmir Valley has made a new record in selling watermelon worth Rs 5 crore every day.

Notably, the sale of fruits, especially water-rich ones goes up every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

So, in order to beat the summer heat, here we are sharing some fruits that you may enjoy to keep yourself hydrated.

Even if you are staying indoors, you need good sources of natural water and nutrition to stay hydrated and recharged throughout the day.

Fruits are lifesavers. From water-rich fruits to Vitamin C abundant ones, you should certainly have them during the summers.

From cherries to berries, these are all good for skin, body and soul too. Here we bring you a list of summer fruits that you can enjoy during summers.

Fruits to enjoy during summers


A special summer treat, you can enjoy them as salad or toppings on your favourite cake or pastry.


One of the most consumed and iconic summer diet is undoubtedly our favourite one– watermelon.

How to eat it? You can either eat it as sliced and marinated in lime and mint or just enjoy single slices.


Berries are always the best fruits when it comes to beating the summer heat.


You can always tart little berries with a small scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. These taste best with oats, and butter as well.


These are rich in vitamin A, beta-carotene, and other carotenoids. Also, if you want good eye health, you can always eat apricots.

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