Meghan Markle wins court battle, UK paper told to print front page notice

Meghan Markle wins court battle, UK paper told to print front page notice
Image Credits: Meghan Markle Fanpage/Instagram

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has won the legal battle against Mail On Sunday newspaper for beaching her privacy. Meghan had accussed the newspaper of publishing large chunks of letters she wrote to her estranged father.

High Court justice Mark Warby said on Friday that publisher Associated Newspapers must run the statement with letter-size no smaller than its February 2019 front-page headline about Meghan’s shattering letter to her father.

The judger also ruled that the owner of Mail On Sunday and MailOnline website, Associated Newspapers must publish a notice on page three of the paper stating that it had “infringed her copyright”.

Markle wrote letters to her estranged father Thomas Markle just a few months after she married Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, Prince Harry. In the letters, she also asked him to stop talking to tabloids and making false claims about her in interviews.

Warby has already ordered Associated Newspapers to make an “interim payment” of GBP 450,000 ($627,000) to cover legal costs for the Duchess of Sussex, as Meghan is formally known.

In his written ruling, the judge said the front- and third-page statements about Meghan’s successful copyright claim would have “genuine utility”.

He noted the Associated Newspapers titles involved had “devoted a very considerable amount of space to the infringing articles, which it continued to publish for over two years”.

“The wording sought is modest by comparison, and factual in nature,” Warby added of the notices he was ordering.

The judge ruled last month that the publisher had misused the duchess’s private information and infringed her copyright. He said the duchess “had a reasonable expectation that the contents of the letter would remain private,” and concluded the paper’s publication of large chunks of it was “manifestly excessive and hence unlawful.” Associated Newspapers says it plans to appeal.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan, 39 and Harry 36, stepped out of the royal house and are now living in United States. The couple has taken many legal actions against a number of publication houses for privacy invasion.

Ahead of their blockbuster interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple is making huge headlines. The interview is set to air on Sunday.