Plan your travel! 5 countries that are now accepting Indian VISA applicants

Plan your travel! 5 countries that are accepting Indian VISA applicants

With travel restriction slowly being uplifted across the globe, some countries have now officially opened up the visa application process for Indian passport holders. Plan your vacations in advance and check out this list of exotic countries you can visit ASAP!


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From the decadent Moroccan cuisine to beautiful sites throughout Aït Benhaddou or just checking out Casablanca, Morocco sounds like the perfect dream vacation. Morocco has started accepting visa applications for both work and travel.


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Is visiting the Swiss Alps on your bucket list? Here is your chance! Switzerland is now accepting visa applications from Indian passport holders for up to 90 days. Gorge on the delicious cheese and silky chocolates on your next trip!


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Enjoy the rich views and skylines of Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto as the Canadian government has now opened up their visa application centres for Indian travellers too!


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It is finally time for your dreams to come true! You can now visit Iceland to watch the whales, go to Landmannalaugar for witnessing the different hues of mountains, or even visit Reykjavik Harbor for checking out the Northern lights.


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Croatia has now opened up travel visa applications for Indian passport holders even for multiple entries, valid for all states in the Schengen area. The food at Zagreb, the natural hot springs, a peaceful time in the Medvednica, it is all waiting for you in Croatia!

Plan your vacations to these countries asap!

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