Prevent inflammation with these easy walnut recipes

Known for its high nutritional value, walnuts are good for improving overall health and immunity of the body. Walnuts are rich in healthy fats, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that provide good health and nutrition to your body. Its crunchy texture and rich taste will not only make your food delicious but it also promotes good health. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E that has antioxidant properties.

If you are looking for some healthy ways to incorporate walnuts in your diet then here are some easy and amazing recipes:

1. Banana walnut shake

Shakes and smoothies are something that almost everybody wants to enjoy. You can accompany any shake with your morning breakfast to enhance its nutritional value. To maintain proper health, strong bones and fullness, make this banana walnut shake in easy steps. Take a cup of milk and two bananas and add walnuts, cashew and almonds. Blend all the ingredients together and serve.

2. Walnut, berry and beetroot smoothie bowl

What else can be better than a bowl of crunchy walnuts, juicy berries and delicious beetroot smoothie? This recipe is all about a healthy, well-balanced and delicious nutrients that will give you satiety and good health. Blend beetroot, ginger, berries and walnuts together to make a smooth paste and mix sufficient milk. Garnish this smoothie with berries, walnuts, and mint leaves.

3. Leafy greens with walnuts

Who doesn’t love the crunchy and lavish taste of green salad with some nutritious touch of walnuts? Well, this recipe is all about a healthy and well-balanced bowl of salad that you can have as brunch or evening snacks. To fix this salad, just mix green leafy veggies and ground walnuts in a glass bowl. You can add olive oil or walnut oil for additional nutrition and taste. You can also sprinkle some sesame seeds before serving.

4. Walnut kebab 

To make this slurpy kebab, all you would need is just walnut, carrots, potato, paneer and desi spices for add-on taste and nutrition. Sauté carrots, potatoes, walnuts, salt in a pan with oil. Add ginger garlic paste, some spices like coriander powder, garam masala, haldi, and salt. Add green chillies, red chili powder, chaat masala and put all the ingredients in a blender to make a smooth paste. Make kebabs from this mixture and deep fry until golden. Serve hot with green chutney and chopped walnuts.