Promise Day 2021: What’s your resolve for your beloved one?

Promise Day 2021: What's your resolve for your beloved this Promise Day?
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As Valentine’s week rolls over after a long-course pandemic, people are excited for each coming day. For tomorrow, February 11, 2021, we have Promise Day! Yet again a part of love and care for the one you love.

Every day is a new beginning, therefore new possibilities and promises. Resolving to keep your word is a part of trust and integrity – vital for all relationships.

Promise Day holds greater significance for actions speak louder than words. You may say something and do just the reverse.

Hence to keep you and the other person aware of what you actually intend, promises are made and kept. This promise could be towards better health, good thoughts, acquiring wealth, philanthropy or anything special you wish- for your beloved one!

Celebrating Promise Day this 2021

On this day partners exchange vows and promises. These could be the reasons to make them feel even more special and loved from your side. This could also be a great chance for you to make them realise how much you love them!

Moreover, in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic all we need is just happy minds and souls. And there goes a saying by ‘Jung Chang’ manifesting the ideals of a Promise day. “If you have love, even plain cold water is sweet.”

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