Propose Day: Ways to make a heartfelt Proposal for your beloved one

Propose Day: Ways to make a heartfelt Proposal for your beloved one
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February is here and Valentine’s Week has already begun. Love birds are all set for the special days ahead of the major one- Valentine’s Day.

It is rightly said that every day is a love day. You just can not keep one or two days for it. It exists everywhere and has always been there.

But in order to celebrate a special bonding or gift your loved ones, Valentine’s Week is considered special.
This week, people gift their loved ones, including their friends, parents and/or partners.

Rose Day marks the first day of Valentine’s Week. Its Propose Day on Tuesday, February 8. Since Covid-19 has altered our ways of activism, all we can do is put this change to a better use.

This year, on Propose Day, if you are not able to meet your loved one to propose, all you can do is just come up with better ideas on how to make the best of virtually proposing them.

Propose Day special

Happy Propose Day (Image: Unsplash)

Use you space wisely and ideate it beautifully. Virtual proposing should not feel like one, it may look like a far away business though. But you should make the best possible use of this time.

For others, who can meet their partners on Propose Day, here we have some fresh ideas for you:

Conceive it beautifully: Words matter. If you really wish to keep your heart out, choose your words wisely and with love.

Timing: What you need to pay attention to the most is timing. When, Where, How, What will you do or say, has to be very you. So, this should all be about you and them only.

Know their choices: You should have a fair idea of what they’d love or hate when it comes to surroundings, words or anything related to propose day. Your proposal should sound unique, genuine and heartfelt.

Plan in advance: It should not look like an impromptu proposal. A careful selection of words, dress, place should be done in advance.

Cards/Gifts: Decide what they would love the most. Be it gifts or cards, it should look special to them.

In short, you should not leave any stone unturned to make them yours. So, make best possible use of this Propose Day but with full caution and masking.

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