Rainbow Kiss: Are you bored with French Kiss? try this new form of kissing

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New Delhi: Are you bored with a French Kiss? Do you want to try something different and new in your life? If you want to make your kiss a little more interesting, then brace yourself for this form of kissing. You might be familiar with this kiss or might be not. It is called a Rainbow Kiss and it has a relation with the female monthly cycle.

Image Credit: pixabay.com

Interesting right! Now, we know that you are curious to know about this form of kissing. Today, through this article we bring you the meaning of this X-rated kissing style.

A rainbow kiss is a kiss between male and his partner during her menstruation. Yes! It happens when a person goes down on woman during her periods. Where the female partner gives a blow job, during the 69 position.

Image Credit: pixabay.com

After this the male partner ejaculates in the woman’s mouth, then the couple kisses each other, mixing the mensuration blood with the semen. This process creates a beautiful rainbow with their mouth, that is why this form of kissing is called Rainbow Kiss.

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