Rajasthani Ghevar: Easy recipe for your desi sweet tooth

ghevar simple recipe
Image: Instagram/ @cuisine_rush

Ghevar is a traditional Indian sweet made with flour and soaked in sugar syrup. Garnished with nuts and edible silver, this dish is usually made on special occasions in Indian households. The crunchy discs covered in syrup make it a delectable, rich dessert. The ingredients are basic and making the batter is super easy but the trick lies in frying it perfectly.

Check out the entire recipe below:


  • 250gm flour
  • 50gm ghee
  • 1500gm sugar
  • 5gm cardamom
  • 1gm saffron
  • 100gm, grated white mawa
  • 500gm ice
  • 1.6l water
  • For frying, oil
  • Sliced almonds and pistachios (optional)
ghevar simple recipe
Image: Instagram/ @bakessence_

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  • In a pan, heat 50gm ghee and then cool by adding 500gm ice cubes. Let the ghee set.
  • Once ghee is set, remove ice water and remaining ice.
  • Start to rub ghee and make it smooth. Add 250 gm flour to ghee.
  • Now slowly start to add water until you get a smooth batter consistency.
  • Now prepare the sugar syrup using 1.5kg sugar and 600ml water.
  • Add cardamom and saffron to the syrup and boil to a thick consistency.
  • Fill half a kadhai with oil and heat it.
  • Place a round heavy-bottomed ring at the centre of the kadhai.
  • Add the ghevar mixture into the ring drop by drop, using a squeezy bottle.
  • Once the ghevar turns golden in colour, lift it carefully, and take it out of the pan.
  • Drain excess oil and garnish with grated mawa and sliced nuts.

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