Revenge Travelling: All you need to know about this vacation trend

Revenge Travel
Image: Pixabay

Fed up with the consistent lockdowns, travellers have come up with a new trend called ‘Revenge Travelling’. It may sound dangerous or obnoxious, but if done correctly it can help one finally get rid of the cooped up feeling of staying at home. It seems to be an effective way to treat that bottled-up demand to travel we’ve been suppressing for the past year.

What is Revenge Travelling?

We crave what we cannot have and the urge to travel has only increased in the lockdown. It has taken time for citizens to get used to the WFH lifestyle. Any opportunity to move out of home seems like a blessing in disguise. Amid the global pandemic, people have resorted to planning vacations to nearby destinations in an attempt to revenge travel.

While on one hand corporate travel has reduced significantly, it has been reported that people are visiting family and friends much more than the pre-pandemic times. Going to a location where the pandemic doesn’t seem like so much of a pressing issue, Revenge Travel is nothing but a way of tricking yourself into forgetting about the existence COVID-19.

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How to Revenge Travel?

Most people have opted to use this time to visit family and friends within the country for a change of scenario. The best way to do it is travel by your own vehicles or hire rentals. It is the best way to ensure your safety and maintain social distancing.

Revenge Travel
Image: Pixabay

Gradually, international travel possibilities too are slowly opening up as the threat of the virus decreases. Different countries require different documents like you latest COVID test particulars, health insurance details, etc. Always get yourself tested within the 48 hours before travelling and maintain all standards of procedure issued by the WHO.

Revenge travelling might not be the safest activity yet but don’t let that innate desire to explore within you die! Just find safe and sustainable outlets for it. It is only a matter of time before the streets are brimming with their usual hustle-bustle.

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